Recent Events Of August 1st-18th

What a lovely shining light during a dark time. URU, a long-gone live-ish game in the MYST universe, has chatter. A promise of new content. Things are changing. Lights are being flicked on and dusty hallways are being wiped down for the possibility of new exploration. For those of you that know about URU, come and join. For those that have no idea what I’m talking about…that’s okay. It is a passion of mine to have been involved in the MYST universe for 26 years. It is my Star Trek. It started with the discovery of MYST when I was only ten years old. I was hooked. Then came the novels, what a read! I logged in to AOL on my Windows 3.1 computer and found MYSTforumUSA, a chat room dedicated to the love of MYST. Riven and 4 more games came after that over the years. Uru was too far ahead of its time—a completely immersive, live, playing out of character arcs, discoveries, deaths, and gameplay. It was amazing. That spark dissipated for good around 2007 with the lack of paying subscriptions and the laying off of Cyan Inc. employees. After that, the game stayed alive only through the hearts of fans that continued to pop into the deserted virtual landscape of URU. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in there for over a decade. Now, the rooms are filling up again. Characters are coming in and out that play out a realistic dialogue that includes its players and has them help shape the future of the game. This reblog is by someone in the community who takes great care and time to stay on top of the unfolding drama. Even if you don’t play, click on over to Calum’s blog and watch a live story begin to unfold in a tech-ancient but gameplay-futuristic landscape. It is truly something to see.

Traveler's Cavern Log


I never thought this day would come. Greetings, all, I am Calum Traveler, and today I’m writing this post to express to you all something new that’s happening within our homely Cavern of D’ni.

New Ages have been announced to be unveiled on Friday, August 21st, at 1300 KI Time.

The following post is a recap of major announcements earlier in the month as well as today, the day I’m posting this new blog at something of a rather rapid fire pace. Please forgive the dust as I work on trying to make this place look okay.

Earlier this month at the August All Guilds Meeting, Patrick Dulebohn appeared and gave an announcement.You can read the established chat log here. Following this announcement came Mysterium, during which no announcement was made regarding the status of the Cavern.

Earlier today, 8/18/2020, barriers were finally observed as being…

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